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The Delavan Animal Clinic is your trusted veterinary hospital location in Delavan and its surrounding areas. Our team truly understands the impact and special place your pet has within your family, and we treat them as such.

We wish your furry friend could just tell you what’s wrong, but we make it our goal to try and put a voice to their problems so we can all understand what we need to do to help.

Our hope is to understand not only your pet, but you, your family, and the unconditional and special love that your little furry family members get and receive as a part of your family.

We find that spending time with you gives us the opportunity to understand your personal needs, and the special relationships that you have with your pets.

That’s why each of our veterinarians provide individualized care that’s designed to help your family.

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The Best Delavan Animal Clinic

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As a team of caring veterinarians, serving the families of dogs and cats in Delavan is what we love to do, though we are always welcoming new faces from the surrounding areas and their pets as well!

Here at Delavan Animal Clinic, we provide complete veterinary care for majority of dogs and cats near Delavan.

We firmly believe that sharing our lives with animals is truly a privilege and it’s something that changes you. Our four legged friends somehow speak directly to our souls, and they teach us things that we never knew! And for us, it’s about making connections with our clients and the animals that they care so much for.

Next time you’re searching for a Delavan animal clinic, don’t hesitate to call the team of expert veterinarians that care for your pet just as much as they care for their own.

Reach out to the Delavan Animal Clinic team today and schedule an appointment or contact us using the link or form below. And make sure to follow us on our Facebook page so you can stay up with all things Delavan Animal Clinic!

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